The Lords of Karma, additionally called the Terrific Karmic Board are 8 ascended masters which are assigned to assist adjudicate humanity’s karma in one of the most reliable as well as thoughtful method. These 8 beings are conciliators between the perfection of the regulation as well as the blemish of the human problem.
The Lords of Karma settle the cycles of individual karma, group karma, nationwide karma and globe karma. They daily evaluate the equilibrium of mankind’s use of energy as it affects the spiritual ecosystem of the earth within the solar system as well as the galaxy. These fantastic beings always use the law in a manner that will certainly provide individuals the very best possibility for spiritual development. When spirals of unfavorable karma can no more be kept back and need to be released right into the planet as a stabilizing action, the ascended master Cuzco and also his team of scientists do all they can to alleviate the extent of calamity. If mankind will conjure up the violet fire in enough step, that karma as well as its devastating result can be altered in huge step prior to it attacks the physical airplane, mitigating the possible destruction.
The Karmic Board is included the Great Divine Supervisor, who brings his drive of magnificent direction to the team, and also who holds within his causal body the magnificent strategy of every soul appointed to planet. We likewise find the Goddess of Freedom, champion of the suppressed; Nada, the excellent Caretaker of the Fire of Life; Pallas Athena, Siren of Truth; Portia, Goddess of Justice; Kuan Yin, Siren of Forgiveness and the Elohim Cyclopea, which concentrates the activity of the all-seeing eye of God. In the last few years, Vairochana, representative for the 5 Dhyani buddhas likewise joined the Karmic Board, offering the excellent drive of light of these 5 holy buddhas, together with their antidotes to the five poisonous substances.
The Karmic Board priests to each soul, in collaboration with the soul’s very own Mighty I AM Presence and also Divine Christ Self, establishing when, where and also in whatever family members a spirit shall symbolize. All hearts pass prior to the karmic board before as well as after each incarnation on earth. Prior to entering into personification once more, they are offered the life mission that will certainly be theirs to achieve, together with an introduction of the karmic part from previous lifetimes that they will have to balance in the brand-new life. After the adjustment called fatality, spirits pass prior to the karmic board once again for a life testimonial, which was so well described by near-death survivor Dannion Brinkley in his book, Conserved By the Light as well as in the job interview priced estimate here:
When you go down that passage to a bright and also lovely light, you’re met by a Spirit Being. After the passage, you raise from your body and recognize that you are an energy being. All of us assume we’re such poor, dismal, little people aiming to have a mystical encounter —– when really we’re great, incredible, effective souls attempting to have a human encounter. You pertain to a location where you see your entire life pass prior to you in a 360-degree panorama. You miss out on absolutely nothing. You watch your birth. After that you see your life from a second-person point of sight. You actually come to be every person that you’ve ever experienced, and you really feel the direct outcomes of your interaction in between yourself as well as that individual.
You have a chance to forgive on your own. You assess your life as if you were the person that you were influencing with your actions. I had to feel the discomfort that I inflicted on others as well as the damage that I had done, both literally, emotionally, and emotionally. Sense of guilt has absolutely nothing to do with it.” Do unto others as you had have others do unto you” considering that you really are them.
The karmic board figures out when a spirit has actually balanced enough karma and also sufficiently fulfilled their dharma (sacred labor) to earn the ascension in the light. The karmic board is also included when a heart has developed so much adverse karma, life time after life time, in rebellion versus God that it have to be tried prior to the Court of the Sacred Fire on Sirius and eaten by the Saying light. This event, referred to as the 2nd fatality, though heartbreaking, is in fact a wonderful mercy of the regulation for the soul that is not able or ready to balance its karma.
In Ancient Egypt, this entire procedure before the Lords of Karma was related to the Goddess Ma’at, a Divine Mommy number whose name essentially suggested fact in Egyptian.
The Egyptians believed that the cosmos was a gotten, top clash of lords 2 cheats and rational location, that functioned with of a routine, as well as regularity and also consistency of patterns. In the ethical sphere. Both ethically and physically, the universe was in best equilibrium because purity was rewarded and also wrong was punished. Due to the fact that of Ma’at, the Egyptians knew that every little thing in the universe dealt with a pattern, which the Greeks later called logo designs. Ma’at was truth, order, equilibrium, consistency and also justice objectified. She represented all points right as they ought to be. The Egyptians assumed that if Ma’at didn’t already existing, deep space hads end up being disorder, again.
Ma’at was likewise the judge of the Egyptian underworld. Souls of the deceased had to go through the Halls of Ma’at where they encountered a tribunal of Gods. The departed person’s heart was positioned on a range opposite the Plume of Ma’at. Thoth (Hermes) weighed the heart. If the deceased was discovered to not have upheld Ma’at throughout his life by existing, unfaithful, killing or in some method oversteping the principles of Ma’at, his heart was fed on and he died the last fatality. If the heart was devoid of the contaminations of sin, it was light as the feather of Ma’at, and the departed soul was enabled to go on the immortality.